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St Agnes PU College

The Apostolic Carmel Educational Society runs several educational institutions and St. Agnes PU College is one among them.
Historically it is the first Catholic Women's College established in South India and second in the country.
The college has students from all communities and denominations. The college is a pioneer in the education of young women and has been at the forefront of a cultural and social renaissance with regard to the rights and roles of women.


  • I PUC I Term Exam Time Table
  • II PUC Mid Term Exam Time Table
  • 18 January - I PUC Re-open
  • 22 January - Achievers' Day
  • 25 January - Cabinet Inauguration
  • Sesquicentennial Celebration of the Apostolic Carmel Presence in India

    Online Events :

    1. Singing Competition for II PUC
    2. Digital Poster Making Competition for I PUC
    3. Students' Week
    4. Talents Week for I PUC students
    5. Christmas Programme

  • I PU documents required to be submitted

    1. TC – Original
    2. Conduct Certificate – Original
    3. Original Marks Card – Xerox (3 Copies)
    4. Aadhar card –Xerox 1 copy
    5. Migration Certificate – Original (only for Other State & Other Board)
    6. Hall Ticket - Xerox 1 copy

Dear Students, Staff & Parents
Schools, in association with parents play a larger role in raising resilient children. Children with better emotional intelligence adapt to change quickly and are better prepared to make use of the opportunities, navigate challenges and bounce back when faced with difficulties.
Essential life skills such as effective communication

Sr Norine DSouza A.C.
St Agnes PU College

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God Alone Suffices
How good it is to confide in Jesus
Have recourse to the Sacred Heart of Jesus.
There is pardon for every sin.
We ought to be respectful, one to another.
It is good to suffer for Jesus and with Him.
A humble obedience will always have its reward.
The Poor are always the most generous.
Put your trust in God alone, not in man.
Be constant in prayer
Prayer was my delight.
Always be humble and very charitable
It is good for me that thou has humbled me.
Truth cannot be sacrificed for charity.
May Jesus be your strength, your guide, your all
Be close to Jesus.
God is a banker who never fails.
True humility is very simple and not self-conscious
God will draw good out of evil as He knows how
All for the Glory of the Lord.
I did not desire anything but the will of God.
Be faithful to the grace which Our Lord gives you

Venerable Mother Veronica of the Passion
The Founder of the Apostolic Carmel Congregation

Warmth and sunshine of love are required to bring out the best qualities of character in the students.
Never rest in contended ignorance or knowledge gained yesterday.
Education should promote self-activity.
Never forget a kindness and never remember an injury.
Keep fingers on the pulse of the time.
Teaching a subject is a work of zeal and every subject is a means to a great end.
Promise yourself to be strong, that nothing may disturb your peace of mind.
Handwriting is significant. Students must be trained to write a neat, clear hand
The school is made for the children and not the children for the school.
Suffering can make the person bitter or better.
A creative mind and an optimistic attitude can get things done.
Education is incomplete without the formation of character.
Perfection consists in doing our appointed duty

Mother Mary Aloysia A.C
The Founder of St Agnes College

Patron of College

St. Agnes The Virgin-Martyr is the Patroness of this Institution. Against the background of power, vice, luxury and persecution in the Roman world, the steadfastness of the maiden Agnes

Courses Offered



Spacious and refurbished buildings and well- ventilated classrooms.


Campus News

18th Jan, 2021

I PU Orientation

The I PU students of St Agnes PU College were welcomed with enthusiasm

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26-27th Dec, 2020

St Agnes PU College Girls Sweep Gold & Silver in Karate

Students of St Agnes PU College performed admirably in the 31st Interdojo

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24th Dec, 2020

Christmas Celebration at St Agnes PU College

St Agnes PU College celebrated a virtual Christmas Programme

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23rd Dec, 2020

International Webinar on education in Germany

St Agnes PU College organized an
International Webinar

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7th-12 Dec, 2020

Virtual Talent Show for I PU Students

St Agnes PU College organized a Virtual Talent Show

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National Level Virtual Intercollegiate Fest 'PREUNIQUE-2020'

Success is not the key to happiness. Happiness is the key to success.

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Alumni Association

We treasure the memories of students who have been groomed in our esteemed institution. The purpose of our alumni association is to provide a forum for Agnesians who have made a mark for themselves and made significant contributions in various walks of life.


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