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Attendance regulations

A candidate shall be considered to have completed the attendance for the year if the candidate has attended three-fourths of the number of working periods in each of the subjects during the said year, provided that in regard to a language under Part I in which there is no provision for instruction in the candidate's institution, the Board may grant exemption from attendance for instruction in that language, and in not more than two subjects under Part II not involving practicals.

Note: The College regulation however requires that a student must put in a minimum of 80% of attendance in every subject each year, taking theory and practicals as separate units. Irregularity in attending Moral Science and Religion classes, absence from daily lectures and a failure to answer class tests and terminal examinations, as well as insubordination and obscenity in word or act will be sufficient cause for a student to be asked to leave the College by the end of the year. The student will not be re-admitted thereafter. Such students will also be deprived of any prize or scholarship they may be receiving.