St. Agnes

St. Agnes The Virgin-Martyr is the Patroness of this Institution. Against the background of power, vice, luxury and persecution in the Roman world, the steadfastness of the maiden Agnes captures our imagination as her beauty and wealth did the hearts of the noblest of Romans. With the world at her feet and all that life could offer her, she turned her back on it and chose death for Christ. Her purity of life, modesty, truthfulness, and steadfastness are the virtues we want our young women to live out in their lives.


Mother M. Aloysia

A keen witted, wide in outlook and sympathy, a sharp judge of character, outspoken in defence of truth, clinging fiercely to principles, Mother Aloysia was none-the-less gentle, cheerful and kind. She stood at the pilot's wheel of The Apostolic Carmel Congregation for eighteen long years as a Superior General over a critical period. In 1926 during her tenure the Constitutions were sent to the Holy See {Rome} and the Decree of Praise obtained.

It was a red letter day in the history of the A.C. It was spring time in the field of A.C. education, with schools renewed, new ones built, syllabi revised and modernized. The crown of her educational work was Saint Agnes First Grade College, the first Catholic women’s college in South India and Second in the country, which today has more than a thousand young girls on its rolls. In the field of education her name still conjures up a vision, restores ideals and awakens inspiration.