Holistic Education for Excellence and Transformation


St Agnes College is committed:
• To provide youth with value based, socially relevant and globally competitive education
• To create a God-centered atmosphere for spiritual growth
• To strengthen the faith, especially of the Catholic staff and students
• To respect life and uphold dignity of every person and promote human rights
• To collaborate with all stakeholders to ensure a culture of equality

College Motto

The college motto is ‘DEUS FORTITUDO MEA.’ Translated from Latin it means GOD IS OUR STRENGTH. Living a meaningful life is an impossible task unless we have light and strength from above. Our college Anthem echoes with the inspiring message of these words.

College Anthem

God is our strength, let us commit
Our lives into His hands this day;
Trusting in Him to compass it
That we may find the perfect way.
Fearless of foes, we cast aside
The days of ease we loved of yore;
And stand to the shock of battle-tide
Despite all trials hard and sore.
God is our strength, why fear the foe?
His love like armour doth enfold
Our weak and wayward nature so,
That vanquished lies the tempter bold.
Behold His arm of valour strong,
We’ll cling to it in stormy fray,
Nor fear we any harm or wrong,
God is our strength, now and for aye