Demonstration of self-defense techniques

In a dynamic demonstration of self-defense techniques, 18 students showcased their skills with confidence. The esteemed instructors, Mr.Ranjit and Mrs.Ranjit&Aneesha were introduced by Aalya. Alumna Anisha highlighted the significance of self-defense, emphasizing martial arts as a valuable tool. Serving as the emcee, Claralskilfully guided the program, including a prayer to commence.SrNorineDSouza in her address commended the students for their self-sacrifice and persevering in their efforts. All the students were given certificates by the Institute of Karate and Allied Arts (IKAA), Mangalore.

Concluding the event, Claral delivered a heartfelt vote of thanks, acknowledging the contributions of all involved in promoting self-defense awareness.Principal, SrNorineDSousa, Vice Principal, Sr Janet Sequeira and the parents of the self defense students were the part of the programme.