I PUC Annual Examination Results - 2023

St Agnes PU College is extremely proud of its students who passed with flying colors in the I PU Board examination 2022-2023. The results are nothing less than gratifying. The college extends its warmest congratulations to the toppers whose focus and hard work fetched amazing results. Zaynah Anjum topped the Science stream with a phenomenal total of 590 out of 600 and further proved her mettle by scoring centum in Physics, Chemistry, Mathematics and Computer Science. Athira and Pooja Kottari topped the Commerce Stream by obtaining 591 out of 600. Athira proved her calibre by scoring centum in Basic Maths, Economics, Business Studies and Accountancy, while Pooja Kottari displayed her competence by scoring centum in Economics, Business Studies and Accountancy. Alisha Thimaiah topped the Arts stream by securing 583 out of 600 with centum in Economics. Out of 671 students, 131 garnered Distinction, 302 First Class and 38 students obtained a total of 58 centums.

Kudos to all the students for their exceptional academic performance.