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Farewell Program : Mrs Pragati Alva and Mrs Suvasini P

On 19 March 2024, a heartfelt farewell program was organized at St Agnes PU College to bid adieu to two esteemed faculty members, Mrs Pragati Alva, Lecturer in Physics and Mrs Suvasini P, Lecturer in Biology, who dedicated decades of their lives to the institution right from before its bifurcation from St Agnes First Grade Degree College in 2001. Both Mrs Pragati and Mrs Suvasini opted for voluntary retirement after serving the college for almost three decades.

The event was gracefully hosted by Mrs Pratishta, Lecturer in Biology who navigated the program ably. Mr Ashwin, Lecturer in Electronics extended a cordial welcome to the dignitaries of the day, Mrs Pragati and Mrs Suvasini, the Principal SrNorine D'Souza, the Vice Principal Sr Janet Sequiera and all the faculty and set the tone for the event.

Mrs LavinaAranha, Lecturer in Commerce and Mrs Shailaja, Lecturer in Kannada representing the college community, stepped forward to share their heartfelt feelings, and cherished memories of the time spent with Mrs Pragati and Mrs Suvasini respectively.

The program commenced with the screening of a soulful prayer song, accompanied by a PowerPoint presentation showcasing poignant moments and a montage of memories from the past, highlighting the deep impact Mrs Pragati and Mrs Suvasini have had on the lives they have touched. A catchy farewell song by Mr Joel and group was dedicated to the duo on the occasion.

Mrs Pragati and Mrs Suvasini took the stage to share touching anecdotes from their journey at St. Agnes PU College. They expressed gratitude to the management and all those who played a stellar role in shaping their careers and contributed to their professional growth and success.

Sr Carmel Rita, former Principal and present Administrator, St Agnes College;Sr Maria Shamita, Provincial Superior, Karnataka Province; and SrPrem D'Souza, former Principal, St Agnes College offered their blessings and praised the retirees' unwavering commitment to the institution. They acknowledged the pivotal roles Mrs Pragati and Mrs Suvasini played in elevating the college to great heights.

The event concluded on a heart-warming note, and was followed by a fellowship meal, which was graciously hosted by the retiring duo, thus fostering camaraderie and fond memories.

The program for Mrs Pragatiand Mrs Suvasini was a warm tribute to their invaluable contributions to St Agnes PU College. It served as a testament to their dedication, professionalism, and the tremendous impact they have had on the institution and legions of students. As they embark on a new chapter in their lives, their legacy will continue to inspire and resonate within the college. Their wisdom and guidance have been our lodestar, illuminating the institution's path to success. St Agnes PU College wishes them the best in their future endeavors.