Farewell Program 2024

The farewell program for the outgoing batch of 2023-'24 was a truly enchanting event, impeccably hosted by the dynamic emcees Rochelle & Nichelle who welcomed the gathering. The event commenced on a soulful note with an evocative prayer song, setting the tone for the heartfelt moments that followed. This was followed by a skit on believing in your dreams and working hard towards it.

Sanovar and Prapthi infused the gathering with energy through engaging games, creating an atmosphere of camaraderie. The captivating dance performance was truly impressive and kept the audience spellbound. The principal's resonant message stirred emotions, underscoring the significance of the occasion. She told them to embrace change, and to cherish the memories of the time spent on the campus. She wished them well as they embarked on a new chapter in their lives. She also exhorted them to pause, to reflect and seek help from the divine.

A poignant highlight was the ceremonial handing over of the flag, symbolizing the passing of the baton and the responsibilities to the juniors. Thereafter, there was an enthralling PPT screening the special moments that have now become memories. Sharon and her group graced the stage with a farewell song that echoed in the hearts of everyone present, adding a musical touch to the farewell. The line dance added a bit of drama to the occasion with its intoxicating movements and made the audience come alive, grooving to its tunes.

To encapsulate the entire experience, insightful feedback from Divya, Jane, and Abhiya provided a reflective perspective on the shared journey.

The farewell programme crafted a smorgasbord of memorable moments that will linger in the hearts of the outgoing students for years to come.

Rochelle expressed gratitude to all those involved in the success of the program. The dignitaries present on the occasion were the Principal Sr Norine D'Souza, Vice Principal Sr Janet Sequiera, the faculty and students.