"If music be the food of love, play on" said Shakespeare
The AGNO MUSICANA 2k23 at St Agnes PU College auditorium on December 22 was an ebullient exhibition of talents, featuring solo, duet, and group musical performances with various instruments. The auditorium buzzed with verve and vivacity as students presented rich melodies and harmonious tunes, creating an unforgettable experience.

Ananya R N added a novel touch by performing a stand-up comedy that had the audience in splits. The entertaining dances and fashion show added a scintillating element to the event. The enticing mime performance by Shradha and her talented group left every one enthralled and received an overwhelming applause from the audience. Rochelle Madtha hosted the event with dexterity. Spot games by Ieva Fathima Aysha and Sharon Rego added an interactive element, and kept the audience regaled.

Aroma Alvares extended a warm welcome, setting an exciting tone for the evening, and Nidhi V.P expressed gratitude, and acknowledged all those who had contributed to the success of the event. The convenors of the programme were Mrs Harriet, Lecturer in Commerce, Ms Carol, Lecturer in Mathematics and Mrs Felicia, Lecturer in Statistics. The Principal Sr Norine D’Souza and the Vice Principal Sr Janet Sequiera, the faculty and the enthusiastic students witnessed the musical extravaganza.

Agno Christmas Carnival at St Agnes PU College grounds held a vibrant array of activities, creating a festive atmosphere. Enthusiastic participants enjoyed face painting, intricate mehendi designs, and stylish hairdressing services. The bake sale tempted taste buds with a delightful assortment of treats, while crochet earrings, handcrafted items, stickers adorned the stalls.

A charming Santa House provided a magical touch, capturing the spirit of the season. The Photo Booth offered memorable moments, allowing students and staff to capture the joy of the event. Engaging games at different counters added a playful element, attracting everyone.

Food enthusiasts were treated to a gastronomic journey with diverse food stalls offering delectable varieties. The stalls featured a range of products and unique finds. The event successfully blended entertainment, creativity, and community spirit, making it a memorable Christmas celebration for all. The conveners Mr Mathew, Lecturer in Commerce and Mr Joel, Lecturer in Physics organized the event and ensured its success. Principal Sr Norine D’Souza, the Vice Principal Sr Janet Sequiera, the students and faculty were an integral part of the merriment.