Student's Week

Student’s Week was celebrated from 7th-12th December with gaiety and fanfare at St Agnes PU College this year. It was an eagerly anticipated event as the staff and students looked forward to interacting with each other on an informal virtual platform. Students reveled in the opportunity to play various online games and activities and were full of appreciation for the teachers who had taken immense trouble, in spite of their busy schedule to prepare games to match the enthusiasm of the students.

Students’ Day celebration has always been an exciting segment of campus life. The festivities this year has created indelible memories that the students are bound to cherish for a lifetime. The teachers succeeded in demonstrating that they are a cut above the rest by conducting various games like Spellathon, Hangman, Tongue twisters, Riddles, Trivia quiz on Bollywood movies, actors, songs, fiction, Bingo, and a whole lot more of delightful games guaranteed to intrigue and mesmerize the students as they vied for top honors. Special thanks are due to Sr. Norine, Principal and Sr. Janet, Vice- Principal for organizing this fun-filled extravaganza.