Outreach Programme

25th August was the day the students of II SEBA ‘B’ batch and II PCMC/E/S batch enthusiastically looked forward to. This was the day scheduled for our outreach programme. Our outreach programme was to visit Prashanth Nivas Old age home. Our excitement also reflected in the weather that day; clear blue sky with bright sun.

At sharp 2 pm we readily assembled on our college grounds. The students who were assigned to perform the prayer song and dance were busy with their last minute practices. Then, the journey began. As soon as we entered PrashanthNivas, we were greeted warmly by the sisters there. We were let inside the building to meet the inmates. We were greeted with cheerful, smiling faces of the inmates. They were all genuinely happy to have us there. We began with the prayer song followed by the dance prepared by our classmates which was beautifully presented. We were then given an opportunity to interact with the inmates. It was such a heartwarming experience to be able to talk and spend time with them. Seeing them smiling and interacting with us was the highlight of our day. They were all so kind and friendly. Few of them even sang songs. Overall, it was such a great experience. We are thankful to our Principal, Vice Principal and teachers for this wonderful opportunity.