Independence Day

With the sense of pride, faith, patriotism and love for our motherland, St Agnes PU College organised a virtual programme on the occasion of the 75th year of independence. Amidst the ongoing pandemic, even though students are away from college, they brought out the true spirit of patriotism through a meaningful programme that was streamed on youtube. The programme began with a prayer song. Mrs Venisha Mascarenhas interviewed Mrs Corrine Rasquinha, the founder of the NGO, White Doves for her selfless service to humanity. White Doves has contributed and is still carrying on their mission to reach out to the least, the last and the lost by providing relentless service to the destitutes in Mangalore.

In her message to the youth, Mrs Corrine Rasquinha emphasised that the good we do to others will always hold a good chance for us in our times of difficulties. Ms Nidhi and group conveyed the patriotic message through their energetic dance Ms Aahana H M with her immense creativity captured the spirit of independence and mesmerized the viewers with her stippling art bringing out the true essence of patriotism. The programme was compered by Ms Melissa Monteiro and culminated with the vote of thanks proposed by Ms Sushmitha.