Esperanza - Fuel your passion

It was an inter class event organized by the college cabinet – 2021 for the students of I PU from 22nd to 26th Feb. Under the event Esperanza, the various individual and group competitions held were Splash, Verbalize, Glamaholic, Quizophilia and Variety Entertainment.

•   Splash was a DIY T-shirt designing competition for a team of 4 members. Verbalize comprised of:
     □  Creative writing – a story writing competition with a word limit of 1000 words on a given prompt.
     □  Switch side – on the spot individual debate competition for and against a given topic
     □  Dramatizers was a competition for impersonating a famous personality.

•   Glamholic was a duet event – Allure and Nail Art
     □  Allure was a face painting competition based on the theme ‘Elements of Nature’
     □  Nail Art was a nail painting competition based on any theme of the participant’s choice.

•   Quizophilia was a group quiz competition for a team of 3 members -
     The coverage of the quiz included general questions, riddles and common topics of interest.
•   Variety Entertainment was an inter class theme based variety entertainment performance which was the grand finale of ESPARANZA.

The variety entertainment was followed by Carpe Diem. The closing ceremony included prize distribution for the winners of all competitions and declaration of the title ‘Fresher’s of the year’.
It was an effort to encourage the students to improve their talents. The active participation of the students made this activity a successful one.