“CHEMINAR”– Articulate the best a seminar competition

Chemistry states “The more energy you put into a bond, the harder it is to break”. With the aim of making the bond between students and chemistry subject stronger, Department of chemistry, St Agnes PU College organized “CHEMINAR”– Articulate the best a seminar competition on 28th October 2022.

Interesting concepts such as Chemistry of Gem stones, Chemistry of diamonds, The science of cocktails, conducting Polymers, Carbohydrates - the bio fuels and thought provoking and awareness ones like Polymers - a boon or a bane, food adulteration, Green crackers, desalinating water for future supply were some among the various topics given well in advance. Students from both I and II PUC participated with great confidence and enthusiasm presenting their topics using a creative and informative power point presentation.

The judges appreciated the originality and uniqueness in presentation as well as the mastery of the concept chosen. This Seminar competition was not only the platform to learn new aspects,other perspectives and latest information but also a good way of networking.It was indeed a fusion of talent,creativity and knowledge.
Results :
I Place - Shriraksha S H - I PCMB – A
II Place - Anjali R Rai - I PCMC - D
III Place - ShaheenKhatun - I PCME - E

I Place - SweezalMonteiro - II PCMB – A
II Place - Anwika Miranda - II PCMB – B
Pooja Chauhan - II PCMS – D
III Place - Jacinth Glory - II PCMB - A