St Agnes PU College, Bendur, Mangaluru organized an informative session for the probationary staff of the college on August 29th 2019, 7 lecturers were present for the same.

The main objective of the session was to make the probationary lecturers understand the organisation and management of the college and to perceive their role as lecturers thus making them more comfortable in their teaching tenure.

The session was conducted by Mrs Pragathi Alva, Dept of Physics, St Agnes PU College who has vast experience in teaching for more than 25 years, she enlightened the lecturers with concise and accurate information about the functioning of the college and emphasised their responsibilities and duties as lecturers.

Mrs Pragathi herself being the innovative thinker, stressed on the importance of new way of thinking. She mentioned that common people can achieve outstanding feats just by changing their way of thinking, she also italicized the importance of passion and belief in effective teaching. ‘Only a passionate teacher will be able to unfold the gifts and potentialities of the students’ she said.

The lecturers present were truly inspired by the session. It created in them a new mind-set and a better vision for the future. The session culminated by expressing gratitude to Mrs Pragathi by Mr Kiran, Dept of Physics.


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